We are delighted to be part of the Open Cambridge event. Cambridge region is at the centre of one of the most exciting biotechnology clusters in the world.

Harriet Fear MBE

Director of Cambridge & Chair of Cambridge Ahead

Congratulations to Prashant Shah for initiating the Cambridge Wide Open Day, a great new addition to the Cambridge Cluster Ecosystem. I wish it every success.

Dr Hermann Hauser

Amadeus Capital Partners

The Cambridge Open Day is going to be an important event in the history of Cambridgeshire. Science parks are a critical component of Cambridge and therefore it is vital to nurture this ecosystem.

Dr Nik Johnson

Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Open Cambridge is where innovation meets opportunity. Don't miss the chance to be a part of the premier networking event of 2023 and connect with the brightest minds in technology and business.

Dr Jason Mellad

Start Codon

I’m very much looking forward to the Cambridge 'wide' Open Day. It represents an exciting opportunity for bright and innovative minds to showcase their novel ideas. By working closely together in the Cambridge ecosystem, we can have a global impact and inspire the future generations to come.

Tim Guilliams PhD


Behind closed doors the toughest challenges on human health are being tackled from defeating aging to curing disease using some of the most amazing kit and techniques. This day is an opportunity to open those doors and share what is happening.

Kristin-Anne Rutter

Cambridge University Health Partners and CBC Ltd

Open Cambridge is not just an event, it is an invite to be part of an ecosystem, working together to translate ideas and research into tomorrows future leaders and companies. With leading universities, hospitals, biotechs, Investors and accelerators, industry and most importantly, people to connect with, we create a net(work) to catch anyone that has the inspiration to want to change the world.

Bobby Kaura

Illumina For Startups

Open Cambridge is the most important initiative for the local technology ecosystem since the founding of the Cambridge Network. It’s critical to erode barriers and nurture connections across science, tech and biotech as well as the wider regional community: the Open Day is a brilliant opportunity to do just that


ET Capital Limited

One more outstanding initiative by the o2h group that brings together the best of Cambridge. Not to be missed.

Nektarios Oraiopoulos

Cambridge Judge Business School

It’s a great idea to showcase and open the doors of what’s happening in Astex and Cambridge and to be known more widely amongst our peers and local community

Harren Jhoti


Cambridge buildings are the home to some of the world’s most exciting technology businesses & business people – some fledgling, some mature. Most people rarely get the opportunity to see what goes on behind these closed doors of these bioscience, cleantech, gaming, deeptech, hardware & software pioneers. This Wide Open Day initiative moves from looking through the keyhole to unlocking the doors.

Paul Hughes

BIOS Health

We're delighted to be a part of the Cambridge Wide Open Day to raise awareness of opportunities for the broader community that science parks offer, as we look to redevelop Melbourn Science Park into a new campus for tech, techbio and lifescience businesses in the region.

Jamie Clyde

Director of the Southern Region, Bruntwood SciTech